Linnaeus Loves

We love nature and design that blends perfectly with it. We love blue skies, rolling green hills, long stretches of white sand and the crash of waves on a beach. We love an ever-so comfy bed, being warm in Winter and cool in Summer, the crunch of Autumn leaves underfoot and the miracle of Spring with its abundant new growth. We love seasonal, fresh, and home grown.

And we can also get pretty obsessive about lots of other stuff too, from fashion to a must-cook recipe, beautiful pottery and plump, plump cushions, unique pieces that make a room pop, or furniture that invites you to lounge, unwind and chill for a bit. Glassware, dinnerware, candles, unforgettable fragrances and inspo to set the perfect table, craft the most delicious menu, curate the perfect shelves or create the most perfect flower arrangement.

We actually love a lot, and from time to time, we’d love to share that with you.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

Australian owners and designers as well as our designer mates across the ditch in New Zealand. You’ll find them well represented here in fashion, bags, jewellery and hand-crafted plates



We love that Wardrobe.NYC wants to address the relentless design, production and consumption fashion cycle that’s taken over the globe, and what better way to do it than with this classic trench coat?

Hard to beat a classic crew neck sweatshirt and matching track pants. Perfect apart, better together. And Maggie Marilyn is another fashion house committed to redefining how they manage their business in a world of rapid-disposable fashion.

This Yu Mei toffee-coloured, compact, bonded suede mini-tote will be the chicest companion for every occasion.


Each of these ‘handbuilt’ fragrances represents all that the husband and wife duo who create them love in music, art, nature and design. “Each of our fumes is a rich narrative.” Stories told in perfume. Love that!

They’re hand painted, made in Italy and reminiscent of the Mediterranean’s sun-filled terraces, seaside trattorias and tavernas, where entertaining is done with delicious food, wine, friends and family and a side of crisp linen.

Vintage brass mirrors via Secondi

We love a touch of vintage. It infuses character, a timelessness and a uniqueness to a room. And just like the owners of Secondi, who scour Europe for special collectibles, we appreciate treasures that bring their history to the table, just as these brass-framed mirrors do.


Just down the road from Linnaeus Farm you’ll find Fritillerie in Kiama, where Stella Goodman uses nature as her muse to design arrangements of blooms that meld together perfectly, just as you see in a wild garden. Layered into each creation is her passion for interiors, fashion, sculpture and abstract painting too.

We love the meaning behind the design of this necklace which features a spinning plate, set inside a revolving ring on twin axis. ‘If they are your world, then you are their moon.’  It was crafted to recognise mothers at all places on their journey towards parenthood and was inspired by a beautiful poem from Sarah, writer and artist behind Matrescent Muse.



Beef bone broth helps to support beauty and wellbeing and it’s a delicious base in lots of hearty cook ups too. It not only helps to soothe the gut but is a great boost to immune systems, especially in winter. When we can, we always add some of the fresh, seasonal produce from Linnaeus Farm’s edible garden to ours.



We’re lucky to have the Berry Tea Shop as our local. It’s where we buy our Jasmine Dragon Eyes tea. It’s also known as Buddha’s Tears or Jasmine Pearls and is one of the most beloved artisan teas from China, with each ball hand-rolled from a perfect white bud and leaf which has been infused with the scent of freshly-picked jasmine blossoms.


We love home decor. We also know just how much good lighting can have on creating the feeling in any room. Assaf Weinbroom is a Tel-Aviv based designer whose handmade lighting collections are celebrated the world over. We love his signature approach of combining timber with materials such as copper, brass and Corian, but with fresh twists. We also know, quite emphatically, that we need these wall lights now!

Stuart Cantor’s photography tries to capture La Bella Vita – ‘the beautiful life’ in Italian. He’s particularly inspired by the pastel-hued buildings and old-school glamour of Europe’s smartest holiday destinations, and hopes his work transports the viewer back to their good times. It’s why we chose him to photograph Maple on Albert & Maple on Edward, the newest abodes in the Linnaeus collection of luxury boutique accommodation. Come experience La Bella Vita (we also call it ‘that holiday feeling’) with us soon.

Stuart Cantor


The Book of Palms contains 240 exquisite chromolithographic illustrations, based on botanist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius’s expeditions through Brazil and Peru in the early 1800’s. Like Carl Linnaeus, namesake of the Linnaeus Collection, Martius’s passion for the natural world was profound. We love that of the three original trees left on Linnaeus Farm, one is a soaring date palm, like the one on the cover of Book of Palms. Respecting what already exists on the land that our properties sit on is at the core of what we do and directs what happens when we put the Linnaeus stamp on them, including our landscaping.

The Book of Palms

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