Linnaeus Collection x The Berry Tea Shop


“It revives and relaxes, energises and empathises. It has three letters but sounds like one. We’re passionate about it and inspired by its slow ritual and deep roots in British history,” says Paulina and Cliff. What is it? “It’s tea,” says the owners of The Berry Tea Shop, where their love of all things tea and the very British tradition of sitting down to a good cuppa, a nice piece of cake or freshly baked scones, is celebrated 7 days a week. (Stop Press. Cliff’s the baker!). And of course you’re surrounded by a curated selection of truly beautiful teawares, accessories and more.

The Berry Tea Shop is also our partner in developing two signature blends of tea, something special and unique, to put in every Linnaeus Collection property. We love that the tea leaves Paulina and Cliff use are natural and organic, and that lots of it is sourced in Australia. We’ve learned so much too about the artistry behind their hand-mixed blends, particularly the process of selecting ingredients and then testing the delicate balance of flavours before signing off on a new taste sensation.
“Crafting the perfect tea blend is a delicate and intricate process and one that requires inspiration, teamwork, and a dash of patience,”
says Paulina. And she’d know. They’ve developed 48 varieties now. Some traditional, some more contemporary for the fastly growing number of committed tea drinkers around the globe. Then there’s our current fave, Linnaeus Collection blends, which makes 50! Paulina shares the journey in creating the signature Linnaeus Collection Black and Green Teas.


Our journey began with a brainstorming session at Linnaeus Farm, where Team Linnaeus and Team Berry Tea Shop shared their personal vision and ideas for ingredients that would complement each other harmoniously and encapsulate the essence of the Linnaeus Farm gardens. Teas, that if you took them home, would transport you back to this very special place with every sip.


Any creative soul will tell you, finding the perfect balance of ingredients is not always achieved on the first try. There were a couple of attempts to get it just right, experimenting with different ratios and combinations until we reached that elusive equilibrium. It was a process filled with laughter, and maybe a few playful disagreements, about the merits of certain flavours. However, we are proud to present a tea collection that embodies the spirit of Linnaeus Collection, a testament to our commitment to bringing their guests the finest tea experience possible. And the apothecary bottles and textured labels, designed by Nadia, co-owner of Linnaeus, are the perfect complement to these special blends.


Linnaeus Collection Green Tea is a mix of green tea leaves, jasmine flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers and calendula petals.

Linnaeus Collection Black Tea is a mix of Australian black tea leaves, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, cloves, peppercorns and rose petals. It’s a tribute to Nadia and Peter’s love of chai.


Like it is in The Berry Tea Shop, for the most part you’ll find the store owner in the store. It’s about providing old fashioned service, taking time to have a chat and of course we’re all passionate about what we do and want visitors to share that joy. It’s small business with heart and provides a much more personal shopping experience. And every store, whether it’s a homewares store or a cafe, is unique in its own way. I think Berry shopping is more about strolling, taking your time, enjoying the experience, rather than remotely like the visit to a noisy, overcrowded mall. It’s a High Street shopping experience that changes up a holiday every time. Berry is changing too – in a positive way. We’ve noticed a whole new influx of people after Covid, people that are coming back time and time again. It’s become a destination getaway and we love that so many of these new visitors love tea!


Yes! On October 28 we’re doing an in-store book launch for The Plain Cake Appreciation Society with its author, Tilly. She’s a cook, photographer and stylist and you’ll see her work in magazines like Country Style and of course there’ll be lots of tea, cake and florals. You can check details if you’re going to be in town. Or maybe come to town especially for it and, at the same time, book a few nights immersed in all the luxury and serenity that a Linnaeus Collection property will deliver!

Thanks Paulina! We’ll be in soon for some tea and some of Cliff’s scones. But for now the kettle’s on. Let’s slow things down a bit and enjoy life a sip at a time…

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