How Linnaeus Farm Evolved into the Linnaeus Collection

A builder, graphic designer, and an interior designer walk into a bar….

Well it was a cafe not a bar, but the meetings took place nonetheless and soon meetings turned into friends-and-partners get-togethers rather than more serious client-to-client catch ups. The talk was about a vision, long held close by Peter (Manticore Projects) and Nadia (Common Sense Creative), to create a benchmark collection of luxury, boutique holiday properties in Berry on the spectacular NSW south coast. When finished, the collection would accommodate everyone attending a wedding, special event, conference or wellness retreat within a few kilometres of each other. And at the beating heart of the Collection? A charming, country property nestled into lush, green paddocks with a licensed, fully equipped commercial kitchen, Argentinian BBQ and wood-fired pizza oven, because why not have that as part of the dream.

It soon became apparent that the vision would be immeasurably enhanced with Simone (Soul Home) on board too. Peter’s experience as a builder/developer of luxury properties married perfectly with Simone’s experience in developing luxury holiday accommodation, and presenting the Collection to a market hungry for something new and fresh would undoubtedly come to life under Nadia’s creative influence.

So it was that Linnaeus Farm, a property originally bought in Berry by Peter and his family a couple of years back, became the muse for the development of five other properties in Berry, including Far Meadow Cottage, that country property with the kitchen, Argentinian BBQ and wood-fired pizza oven! The surprise addition in the planning for the Collection is a breathtaking, ocean-side property in nearby Kiama, just ten minutes drive away from the country bliss of Berry. The Linnaeus Collection was born.
“It’s all about delivering five star luxury that you’d expect to find in a hotel but in properties that feel like a home away from home from the minute you arrive,”
says Peter, Nadia and Simone.
“We want guests to be able to make time, take time to relax and renergise, connect with nature and the sheer beauty of the south coast whether that’s the rolling green hills and valleys of Berry, or Kiama and its famous beaches just ten minutes drive away. The Linnaeus Collection constants will be a sense of carefully, curated spaces for everyone to enjoy, overlaid with a signature touch of luxury and every detail considered in delivering a simply unforgettable holiday experience.”

Why not come visit Linnaeus Farm or Far Meadow Cottage soon? We know you’ll fall in love with these remarkable properties just as we have. Discover their sheer beauty and calming energy and take the time to make some choices. Will it be shutting the gate, immersing yourself in luxury with you and your family or group of besties, or exploring Berry with its eclectic mix of boutiques, restaurants and cafes, and the stunning beaches around Kiama just 15 minutes drive away.

Then in 2023-2024 your choices will grow further with more properties in the Linnaeus Collection becoming available. Here’s our timeline – Maple to become available in April, Rubus in March 2024 and, if the weather is kind, we’ll stay on track, but be sure we’ll keep you in touch with the progress every so often. We’d love to share the story of the builds as well the inside info about where we shop, our go-to suppliers, must-have pieces and lots of tips and tricks to achieving a look that delivers that holiday feeling.

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