A Soundtrack To Your Summer

Welcome back summer. We’ve missed you! With confirmation coming from the weather gurus that La Nina is set for an early finish, it really is time to think about slowing down, chilling out and soaking up those rays of sunshine that have been missing in action for too many years now.  We reckon that commands a playlist – a carefully curated summer-vibes playlist that will provide the soundtrack to unforgettable blue-sky days and clear, star-filled night skies. And that’s exactly what we’ve created for you.

Think sophisticated tracks, tunes to chill out to with fab beats and great riffs. Songs you forgot that you loved or new ones that are just undeniably great.  Think about daydreaming poolside at Linnaeus Farm with its rolling green hills and the majesty of the escarpment beyond. Maybe it’s with a cocktail in hand and your toes in the water at the pool at Far Meadow Cottage, or stretched out on the patch you’ve claimed on the long stretches of pristine sand at Seven Mile Beach, just ten minutes drive away.

Maybe it’s the soundtrack to a summer soiree around the BBQ with family, friends or your favourite plus one, or a special event in Jamie’s Barn with its soaring timber ceilings and views across lush paddocks, dotted with cows and a wandering duck family or two.  And at Far Meadow Cottage, a get-together around the Argentinian BBQ and wood-fired pizza oven can only get better with the outdoor speaker pumping out a set of perfectly linked summer tunes.  

A bath in solitude, just ‘you’ time, with a glass of wine in hand and the only light coming from deliciously scented candles more your thing? That calls for a soundtrack. Watching amazing sunsets looking out over the countryside from the private picnic spot you’ve created under the centuries old fig trees? A soundtrack playing softly in the background will help you forget everything for a time other than this very special place. 

And down the track, whether it’s weeks, months or years, our playlist will trigger a raft of memories from an unforgettable holiday in Berry on the picture-perfect south coast of NSW. Music does that, doesn’t it?

You’re welcome!

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